Our services are all inclusive and attend every aspect of Quality Control and Assurance

including Dimensional and profile Measurements, surface roughness and Finish measurements


The company gives services in the following fields:


1. Lab. Services – Measuring and/or Mechanical model comparison items by C.M.M machines.


2. Reverse Engineering – advanced technology allow us to perform Parts measuring for

     “re-design ”for parts which have no drawing and part to cad model comparison.


3. Measuring complex assemblies and sub-assemblies.


4. Assistant in engineering solutions for engineers and experienced personnel.


5. Conduct Quality Assurance audits at sub-contractor’s plants.


6. Assistance to plants for certification to ISO 9001.


7. Production Follow up at sub contractor's plants.


8. In-Coming inspection / source inspection for customers employing sub-contractors.


9. Inspection of electric cables and electric panels.


10. Training courses on quality control and measuring instruments.


11. Statistical reports for evaluation of manufacturers quality standard.


12. Preparation of test specification (welding, packaging, textiles, etc.) for civil defense industries


13. Verification of heat treatment and surface coating.

Areas of Practice