The company has:

a.    C.M.M automatic measuring machines, containing Innovative programs such as:

a1. Camio Studio, LK evolution

a2. ++PC Dims Cad, DEA Global Active.

a3. Cosmos, Mitutoyo.


Measuring machines allowing work according to computer models, a variety of scanning options and support for more than 10,000 measuring options. The Measuring machines are equipped with automatic thermal compensation, which allows the machine to work as well as not air-conditioned room, with temperature fluctuations of up to 5 degrees per hour.The Measuring machines head type Probe SP 25, allows continuous scanning of the part and upgrade the level of accuracy, speed and quality of the measurement. The machines allow precision applies to 2 microns.


b. Optical O.G.P, C.M.M measuring machines, allow work on small and delicate items such as medical items requiring no human contact, electronic printed circuit boards, pieces of rubber, glass, quartz and more.The machine allows precision to 2 microns in X and Y axis and 4 microns at Z axis. can be performed visual inspection and magnification, as well as photograph the items and attach a picture of the test report for the item being measured. 

c. Laser measuring device type NDI OptoTrak, enables measurement of infrared geometric characteristics of large parts, at direct measurement range of 6 meters with an accuracy of 6 hundredths of millimeters. The company has also Laser scanner type Perception V5 that connects the device to the NDI OptoTrak That can be used to control scanning and comparing parts of an existing model or creating a new model.

d. GOM - Optical Camera to perform a full scan of parts and comparing existing model or creating a new model. Measuring geometric characteristics of large and small parts with an accuracy of 5 microns mm.


File types can be obtained after building a model are: STL; CATIA; X_T, SLDPRT; STP; IGES; CAD.

e. Portable measurement arm, length of 1.5 meters, to examine large pieces 

f. Conventional equipment, the quality testing device space (statistical tracking option) coating    thickness gauge, state of the art computerized comparator, bore measuring instruments and    any other equipment required for measurements.

Equipment and technology