Haim Yudashkin Quality Control and Assurance LTD, Is one of the leading companies, in Israel in the field of QC and measurements, Since its foundation in 1993.

The company is managed by Mr. Haim Yudashkin after accumulating experience of 24 years, in one of the military industrial plants in the area of  QC and measurements.

Since its foundation, the company Gained proven experience and reputation of a Leading quality provider of Quality Control Services to wide range of clients in the field of defense industries, high-tech, medical equipment, etc.

A combination of proven experience and expertise with a focus on the accuracy of the information makes the company a leader in its field.


The company employs a team of 40 engineers & technicians, who perform, the quality control at the manufacturers or the company's central laboratory.

The company has a two central laboratory designed for mechanical measurements:one in the center Israel in Yavne and an area of approximately 450 Square meters,and the second in the industrial zone in northern Israel Bar-Lev industrial area and an area of approximately230 square meters. 

The laboratories include equipment for measurement with latest technology in the field of measurements,contains X.Y.Z. measuring machine, including new software, equipment for surface roughness measuring, plating surface Finish thickness, and various equipment needed for other measuring purposes.

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